chicken violation……

I have a confession to make……yesterday I had my fingers up a chicken that was still alive!…the day started fairly normally, apart from Wilma (Hen 2) looking a wee bit under

Betty & Wilma chickens

Betty & Wilma chickens

the weather. No usual perky flapping of wings, more a feeble scratch at the ground and hung head; I wasnt overly worried until she seemed to be ehmm…..straining to no avail and her back-end was pasty and less than pristine.A quick search of some learned fowl sites on Dr Google told me I should “check the vent for blockage, and clear any obstacles found”…..well the only obstacles I could think of (other than a blocked egg) was the objection I had to sticking my fingers up the back-end of poor Wilma.

The helpful site also suggested that a bath in warm water may help her relax, and that the addition of Epsom salts would further soothe her to relaxation  point . Well , fond of Wilma as I am, i wasnt about to be sharing my bath with her, so an al fresco basin for her and some rubber gloves for me would have to suffice.

I have to say she didn’t seem to mind the warm water and she appeared more calm than me, or maybe that was a  ‘frozen” look on her face; so I boldly went where no woman had gone before (with Wilma) and adopted a gynecological approach to the chicken exploration, clearing whatever I found that didn’t seem to belong there. Himself” watched on, giving me moral support from a safe distance, with a mixture of disgust and admiration on his face……not sure there is enough disinfectant in the world to get that image out of his head [Note to self: don’t offer to make him pastry by hand any time soon].

Wilma is on the mend, and getting special treatment and scraps, after all, we are now on more intimate terms and I will treasure (and enjoy)  her eggs, knowing the effort she goes to produce the miracle that turns grain and food scraps into a protein packed orb. * I learned, and was mindful that you only get back what you put in!     


First proper post on the first




The first time I wrote the date 01/01/14 was today, in pencil on the first egg of the year at 7am. I was mindful of how relaxing it was to pop the date on something so casual , instead of the usual round of documents, papers and tenders that a work day

holds. Today being the first of the year is (of course) a holiday in Australia so blessedly relaxed.
First proper blog post!!!! Very exciting and hopefully the first of many, although we will see how the year pans out.
In three weeks time I will be leaving my paid work of 14 years to take a sabbatical / take stock/ have a rest/ think about what I would like to do with the rest of my life……..rather than the usual hurry burly of plane trips,meetings and general work responsibilities.
How will it feel?….. Don’t know yet but I can’t wait to find out…..roll on the 24th Jan…..not many sleeps now.
Now a duck wants my attention; not one of the menagerie, Dinner for New Year’s Day (no, obviously I am not one of the vegetarian animal lovers, although I do moderate red meat)….. Mainly birds and fish for me ( tis ok, the ones in the tank can’t hear me)…… Will away and get the bird in the oven.