Lighthearted moments to enhance the brighter side of life

This blog invites you into the menagerie. Not only a conglomeration of animals but a collection of stuff’ which individually may seem shambolic but collectively (hopefully) may provide meaningful moments , always with a “bright side” perspective, as life is too short to be miserable.

I think of it as similar to the mixed media used in making art……a subjective mix of things which, when cobbled together produce something new……the attractiveness or usefulness of the end result is down to the viewer.

Hubby (Himself), the menagerie and I live south of Melbourne in Australia and  to welcome you , this is the current collective: Precious and Widget (2 cats), Henry (Chocolate Labrador Retriever ), Agatha (Black Labrador Retriever puppy 7 months old) , three Hens and nine fish.

Welcome and thanks for visiting






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